Seasonal Gardening: 7 Fall Garden Tips

Fall Gardening, the plants have been planted with purpose and maintained with care over the past months. Now it is time for you to take and harvest the fruits of your labors and the product of the love of Gardening. It is here from the dirt to the table, we have food to eat and enjoy. We bless the Lord for his abundance, his grace, and his mercy; for just one more day and one more season to live and do things we enjoy. Life can be hard and uncaring, but the blessings of the Lord are manifold and flow from his goodness.

He that gathereth in summer is a wise son: but he that sleepeth in harvest is a son that causeth shame -Proverbs 10:5 

The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing -Proverbs 20:4

Seasonal Gardening: 7 Fall Garden Tips

You can tell it is fall, the Wild Turkeys are on the prowl, here they are looking for food and possibly adventure

Seasonal Gardening in the Apocalypse 2016 is drawing to a close here in Wyoming. I just harvested our Spinach, Cilantro, and greens assortment this week.  There is no doubt that this is a little different this year as our weather has been a superb fall. This has allowed us to grow certain cold weather items that were not able to grow in the heat. This is one basic important factor in your survival gardens or as we call it ‘Gardening in the Apocalypse’. That is early spring and then fall crops that grow well in the cooler weather and in fact don’t do well at all in regular summer heat. Among these are Spinach, Cilantro, Swiss Chard, Kale, Cabbage, and Broccoli. If you tried to grow Cilantro or Spinach in too hot of weather, then you will find these bolting or going to seed quickly with little or nothing to harvest.

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However, you can grow other items if you have a cold weather setup. Around here I use raised beds, and have two large round metal drums that I use. I simple put a system of long sticks through a fence at various points to then place around the raised beds. If you face real cold weather then you need to have a good cold weather system with possibly heat, insulation, and other items. Many will dig in the ground and put an insulated container then fill it with soil and plant in that. The ground may freeze, but your dirt will not if insulated. Top with a cold frame, and be sure to allow sun in on good days.

I have grown crops into November here and having planted early in may using a cold weather setup I can get a couple more months of growing time here. This is important. But I target the last week of October for all winter prep and readying the garden for the next season. This includes all my fertilizing which occurs 2-3 times a year; in early spring, late fall before snow, and in summer.

This year I have now herbs for tea which we have grown. I have made a tonic from our Echinacea, Mint extract, Basil oil, plus we have plenty of herbs for our canning. This is an important aspect of what we do. This is the importance of Survival Gardening!

7 Tips for Fall Gardening

  1. Grow your own food from your own seeds and save seeds for next year [do as much of of this as possible]
  2. With your harvest be sure to utilize it for your future use for your family.
  3. Canning your food is a great way to put things up for future.
  4. Dehydrating is a tool we use extensively and can be carried on your person if you are in a rush. [a great way to have food if you must flee danger]
  5. Freezing food, but also instead of canning; put up your food in freezer bags. [I utilize this to add to our food prep]
  6. Be self taught and take the responsibility to learn how, search, investigate, read, and then try it. [You will remember how it’s done this way]
  7. Be prepared to fail, start somewhere but know that you can succeed at this.

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It is sad to say goodbye to this years growing and gardens, but we have some plants that we are wintering inside until next year. The problem with gardens and growing is that you always have to be in attendance. If you grow it, you need to be around to care for it. This makes for all our summer’s to fly by so fast! But when fall comes, this brings a special time of year. We love fall here with the colors, the cooler weather which is a break from the heat, and also it is harvest time. We prepare the ground, plant the seeds, and watch them grow into small plants. Then we spend the summer maintaining, protecting, and keeping them until harvest. Fall is synonymous to harvest for farmers and gardeners everywhere.

Although it is a happy harvest time usually we know that this year brought a few problems. Gardening is not without problems. A major problem was that our friend and greenhouse owner decided to retire and thus him being a source of go to plants that were trustworthy is now gone. It was coming, but as we grow older we see more and more experienced people retiring and leaving a vacuum of experience to fill.

I do though become relieved to put away the garden for a bit. This gives me rest and allows me to work on next year’s crops and what we will plant. All the while enjoying those things we planted, harvest, canned, and then ate!

What a life, planting, dirt, and harvesting is in our blood! My Grandparents on both sides would be proud. One side were Cattle Ranchers in California and the other were Farmers from this neck of the woods and homesteaders. I miss them all, but that is the way it is.


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Seasonal Gardening in the Apocalypse 2016

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