Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp. The War going on in Washington and around the USA!

I remind myself as I listen, read, and walk through the muddle of muck these days; that I live in a part of the USA which is sparsely populated. We are a long way from Washington and the mess that is going on.

Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp, the war going on in Washington!


“[A] wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicities.” -Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, 1801

Thank God for that. Yet it affects me, as it does Tower [you have to listen to our Radio shows to know who this person is]. Last night she was reading me the headlines from her cell. These were MSN news and it was all bad. Really, did you expect anything else I ask myself? Nope, I quietly answer. It was all liberal, slanted, media bias gathered by the MSN app and all of it hated one person.


Can you guess you that one person is? I suppose, just suppose I say that Donald Trump could be the most hated President in History. Would that be correct? Well if you are one of the ‘despised’ considered so by the Democrats, then you are probably noticing that truth in DC is not always what it is reported.  The supporters are despised, held in contempt, roundly criticized and even beaten up by others who hate Trump supporters.

Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

We are in our twentieth year here in this end part of our ministry. This portion is where I was called out by the Lord to herald the gospel in all the world through the technology available and to warn this nation of Judgment. I was also to warn the church to come out of their slumber, for judgment would come to the church first. Having said this, I can surely see today that America is in one of the most despicable and contemptible phases of our ministry. In addition, I can honestly say that I have never witnessed such hate, contempt, ridicule, and absolute blindness that is going on against Trump.  But the part I love is that Trump has supporters. Through thick and thin, they care about one thing alone. That is results. Many of us truly see DC and the congressional morons elected to our government as ineffectual at its best and idiots at their worst. We care about the ability of Trump to dismantle the liberal anti-business policies pushed down our throats by Obama. We care about change, real change!  We are tired of illegal immigration. We want jobs and the business climate of a pro-America. In addition, we want political change and political correctness of the global elitists to be removed.  I personally want a moral change, but truthfully you must know that America will not move back. In addition, judgment as I have warned about coming to America and the Church will not be stopped. It is coming! Be prepared.

I read a post on Frontpage magazine which was written by a David Horowitz Freedom Center Journalism Fellow. His name is Bruce Thornton. He gets to the point in this one little article, but summing it up he says of the leftwing hate against Trump will come to nothing and what matters most is this one thing!

If he follows through on his promises about illegal immigration, job-creation, economic growth, slapping down political correctness, and restoring Americas prestige abroad, he and the Republicans will continue to win. If not, his base will defect, along with independent and cross-over voters eager for real change. And they won’t abandon him because of his brash style or lack of decorum, but because he didn’t deliver the goods. -Bruce Thornton IBIB Frontpage Magazine

We all saw what happened to Tim Allen when he stood up to criticize the leftwing blitzkrieg of hate pointed at Trump. ABC immediately shut down his show. ABC promptly said it did not cut off his popular sitcom because of that, denying entirely that it was connected to his outcry against the Hollywood voices that were causing such a noise. At such a time when Trump fired Comey, now the dems are pushing to get Trump impeached. We cannot expect the republicans to do anything to stop it, but if they manage to get some guts; maybe they will after all. I do not expect them to impeach Donald Trump, but they sure want to give it a go.  The situation is bad and to make it worse, all we hear from the media coverage, is bad news. That is, until you go to the internet and find all the real news that lets you know the truth of the fodder of underhanded miss-reporting going on by the many liberal leftwing fodder providers. Hit pieces that say what they want to happen. Articles programmed to suggest something, picking up on minor details with no evidence at all.

An example here, the Democrats want Trumps political career to careen into oblivion. They want to see Trump found guilty of breaching his hollowed trust as President. They won’t give up on Trump’s Russia connection nor given him a break on a so-called Russia-ISIS slip, especially when we can see that Obama and Hillary are responsible for ISIS rise in Syria. They want to see a Trump moment of reckoning, and won’t let you forget they are the reason that the White House seems embattled. These liberal leftwing nuts are provided money and fodder by Soros money and his related organizations. He denies any connection, but his money does his talking. Hillary and Obama both have political organizations that are geared to fight Trump and get him destroyed.  They want you to believe that the GOP is tired and exasperated with Trump. Well, guess what? The GOP and their idiot leaders all forsook Donald Trump when he was running for Office. The Republican leadership nor those in congress got him elected. The people who voted for Trump and wanted a change from the eight years of democratic and republican conjoined leadership and globalist aims. So, they elected Trump and if he does his agenda. You know the one that those who supported him elected him to do, he will make it. If not, he will be just like the rest of them.

Here are a few articles from the MSN headlines:

Washington Post “Analysis; Trump careening toward showdown with an undeniable truth

MSN news “AP explains Trump Disclosure a breach of trust if not law

Newsweek “Why Trumps Russia-ISIS slip is unprecedented

CBS “Ad hoc’ disclosure of intel sets Trump apart experts say”

Washington Post “As scandals grow, GOP arrives at a moment of reckoning”

AP “Embattled White House lurches from crisis to crisis”

The Hill “GOP nears total exasperation with Trump”

In conclusion, what I have seen so far, this year is pure Political idiocy on the part of the Democrats and Republicans who join them in their causes of vanity and ignorance. I see the sheer avalanche of incompetence coming out of the leftwing media, to be sure. Finally, the swamp in DC is getting real stinky and is become so polluted if you don’t drain it and put in fresh water; then it will be useless for any good use at all.

But the real stickler here is that the moral ineptitude, radical immorality, and the slide of the Christian leadership in America to stand against the pollutions of evil we live with is without doubt the worse of all.

President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey was like a speedball for the media addicted to Trump-hatred. The Dems came out with the usual hallucinatory hyperbole––“Watergate,” “Saturday night massacre,” “obstruction of justice,” “Constitutional crisis,” “coup,” “impeachable offense,” “treason,” “terrifying attack,” “despot,” and various other verbal convulsions. Bruce Thornton IBID

“I have a message for those who work at […] the White House,” said Sean. “Enough with the self-serving leaks. Now since day one of the administration there have been dozens and dozens of leaks to the press coming from inside the White House. An article from Politico last week included ‘31 sources’, the New York Times had 13, and tonight the Washington Post is even reporting that current and former US officials are saying that President Trump revealed classified information to Russian officials who were in the White House last week; who would know that?” Hannity

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp
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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp
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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

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Political Idiocy, Media Incompetence, and the DC Swamp

  1. Thanks Watchman…yes, the country is in sheer lunacy. The Trump hating communists flap their gums, full of lies. The lunatic left commies care more about foreignors than they do for real American citizens. Sean Hannity does point this out, as does Tucker Carlson. To hear the insanity spewing out of the sewers of these America hating commies, it just boggles the mind. Like you said, luke warm churches are no help at all. We need the hand of God to stem the tide of this commie tidal wave. True believers are trusting/standing up in the Lord’s power and strength. But it is as you said, in the end, judgement is coming. Our Lord’s peace to you and Tower…Amen.

    • George, thanks for the words; you and I both know, as does Tower of the Judgment. However when you see how America is today it is simply amazing to see! It is disturbing to experience and only with the Lords Peace can we get through it all. Faith in Him, and follow; Blessings to you and yours, Love in Christ Tower and the Watchman