Open and in your face Rejection of Obama and Globalism

Open and in your face Rejection of Obama and Globalism

It is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

It is not surprising that the commie Van Jones, who is a racist black spokesman on Hillaries news network aka CNN; believes openly that this was a racist blatant ‘White Lash’. But he is wrong, as I point out in this article; it is open and in your face rejection of Obama and globalism! –The Watchman Dana G Smith those who want to leave; please do so at your earliest convenience!

Our companion article on  It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution!

It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

CNN had Van Jones, according to Rush Limbaugh who says Jones is the “resident communist at CNN”  reflect on Trumps win. The two words rang out as Van Jones declared this is a “White Lash” against a “Black Spirit”! It is here that race was brought up in the CNN Coverage. CNN also known as the “Hillary News Network” was one of the last to admit defeat all the while hanging heads as they reported the dismal news for Hillary supporters. In the end the headlines rang out of the Trump victory.

Trump and the RNC: Cleveland Celebrates Change in America 'Live report'

Bringing the House down at Cleveland close of 2016 RNC after Trumps dynamite speech

Today,  however; Alex Jones is somber and yet happy as he declares a victory against the globalists and Obama’s agendas. He has had a bad gut feeling he says and is warning of a comeback by the ‘death star’ democrats and globalists who lost. Using the analogy of the Star Wars and the death star became a meme for Jones coverage as the push against the ‘death star’ globalists took shape and finally the ‘death star’ was defeated. Just as in Star Wars, the victory was temporary, mainly because they wanted more movies in the series. So you can’t destroy the bad buys, but in the next movie they come back.

But this is not a Hollywood movie and as Gaga, Spielberg, and many others all came out in disgust over Trumps win; it became apparent they took the wrong ship to sail. The Hillary boat was sunk, being torpedoed by Donald Trump. It makes no difference at all if the so called Hollywood lovers are sad over their miss at Hillary this time. It makes not a dimes worth to me if they all leave. Matter of fact, I will be watching closely at anything I may watch from Hellywood and the Helly actors and actresses from now on. Good, leave! Don’t let the door slam on you, get out!

But personally hearing Van Jones label this a White Lash is meant to sound racist. It is racist, but for some odd reason black communists like Jones are not racist for being racist against Whites, Christians, and those who love liberty and our constitution. For some eight years now I have seen racism increase under Barack Obama who has actually brought out the hate and division more than at any other time. Today the division is huge and Jones tried to make it even bigger than it was. I have talked with blacks on this racial issue that has occurred during Obama’s tenure as President. They have made note of this division as well. On this and many other subjects I found that Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Indians, Muslims, and Men and Women all agree. Obama must go.

There is not one ounce of doubt that on Trumps team were all of the aforementioned. They saw hope in Trump and freedom in his words. To be blunt, people ‘believed Donald Trump’! While the liberal media blasted Trump, while Paul Ryan danced around endorsing Trump, while Bushes and the Republican elite forsook Trump, and while Trump still maintained many grass root followers; the Democrats and Hillary never saw it coming.

Not only was this an astounding defeat, it was historic.

No matter how they play it from today forward, Donald won. The same people who voted for Donald will rise up in civil war if the elitists, globalists, liberals, and racists of many colors riot and try to tear down our country! While the USA needs healing, make sure to note this; words and simple rhetoric will not heal eight years of Obama’s slanted version of America. Nor will Donald do it alone.

To heal America you need everyone on board! But we have made a start with electing Donald trump. While he won’t change the morality of America, he can turn around the damnable policies of Obama and his many avenues which he used to put people and companies out of work in this nation. Starting with Wyoming where his crazy globalism and climate change push has put companies into bankruptcies. But in spite of Obama, this is even coming back. Now that Donald will be at the helm of the USA with the help of those who voted for him, there is more to hope for today. While liberal media, liberal movie stars, and liberals of all strips are sad and horrified today, I am glad they lost.

Their version of America is hell and their ideal for America is damnable. What is more so are their leaders!

For those who savor this victory and see hope once again, it is a moment when Gods grace and his mercy shone down to allow us one little chance to make things right or at least start back in that direction.

Make no mistake, darkness nor the devil; and certainly not the democrats and liberals who lost to Donald Trump will take this lying down. They will not be concilatory nor congratulatory. Although they seem that they would work with Trump and his administration, they will oppose him at every turn. Their plots are devious and actions are always the same. Get back at those who did this to you!  WIBR/WARN Radio Editorial note of warning!

It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism
A Commentary and Headline news
by The Watchman Dana Glenn Smith

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It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

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It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

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It’s not a White Lash, it is a Revolution against Obama’s Policies and Globalism

  1. Thanks Watchman…yes, let the hellywood commies depart the area, post haste!!! Commies on the communist news netowrk are all the same i.e. tear down America, and in it’s place leave a 3rd world banana tyranny in it’s place. All one needs to do is read George Orwell’s 1984, to see what the commies (dummycrats) have in store for us. Reeducation camps (re the ministry of love…1984), dictatorial control, and a boot in the face. You are right, they will not accept this defeat, but will use malevolent cunning to disrupt everything that would help ALL Americans. May the peace of our Lord be unto you and Tower…Amen.

    • No doubt George as you and I both know as do many others that all victories are short lived, unless your enemy passes on. Yet around our area and in those places who are like us, this is a great victory. They are licking their wounds and the best part, it took people of all races and creeds who came together.. Shalom and peace to you and yours love in Christ Tower and the Watchman

    • Yes George, it is all this and they will not see. It doesn’t make it easy for believers to watch; let alone just sit still and see streets and businesses ravaged. You cannot talk to these people, nor can you stop this. America is headed into big trouble as are the nations of men. Shalom, love in Christ Tower and the Watchman

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